Saturday, August 15, 2009

Absent minded

I was looking forward to this weekend, to laze around in the comfort of my little home and not be out in the sun. The thought of not having any commitments (both official and unofficial) sounded so relaxing. For the past few days, I was having this tension headache that I was like a vampire to the sunlight. I can't stay home as I do need to fulfil my duty as a mom to ferry my kids to and fro from school. Then a sms message to remind me of a dinner date. Damn, I totally forgotten about it. I would definitely love to catch up with AL and FA. It has been three months or more that I haven't seens these lovely ladies and best of all, A is going to cook for us. I have never known that A can cook. A chance that I am definitely not going to miss. The dinner was good. AL's cream of mushroom and her potatoes salad is to die for. I will definitely try to recreate these soon. I did a quick Chocolate Lemon Pie for dessert. I was happy that the group likes it except that FA didn't like the sourish lemon curd. Photobucket The company is awesome. Having A's friend Ah L that night was great too. He was such great conversationist that we didn't even notice that the clock strike 12. It is okay, we can sleep late on a Sunday.
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