Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Past few days, I get tired really easily. I blame it on my poor sleeping habit. Really hard falling asleep and yet I was easily woken up. Guess I was getting paranoid about getting mosquito bites. Well for the past week, my home was infected with mosquitoes. Thankfully, the relevant authority was able to trace the source yesterday and this will take a day or two for it to clear. Yes, it is my neighbours below me that created a breeding grounds. You won't believe me if I tell you it was many. In fact, in just one day, we are able to collect about 40 - 50 dead mosquitoes for the authority to "view". It was really scary. We had to restock our insect repellents! It was so serious that they actually had someone over to fumigate our neighbour's place right after they make a round in my house to make sure that I am not the one that is breeding the mosquitoes. Even my next door neighbour commented that she smelt the air of someone fumigating. I am really glad that they acted so quickly, perhaps they are aware that this is really serious and not their usual case that they encountered on a daily basis. Initially I wanted to stay up to watch MJ's memorial service aired at 1:30am. I am no die hard fan of his but I do like some of his music and greatly admired his talent. To me, I think he overrides Elvis Presley! Anyway, I missed it. After a decent peaceful night, though not fully recharged, I told myself that I will take a nap this afternoon. The weather was great after a downpour, guess the week long fatigue took on to me and I just couldn't resist a nap after all. It was a good one and I woke up feeling much better. My table was laid out with my baking ingredients. Initially I wanted to try out a really delicious looking recipe that I copied from a library book but after going into details on the ingredients, I realised that something was wrong. Contacted my online bake kakis but they were busy to check it out for me. No choice, the temptation to bake is too great. So I switch to Plan B. Let me present you with my Chocolate Durian Cake . To some, this might be yucky but hey, sometime I guess we just had to be adventurous to find out whether it is good or bad by trying right? I will let you decides whether this is good or not but I definitely get a thumb’s up from my kids. We are saving a portion for hubby who is heading home tomorrow. Yipee. Photobucket
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  1. Wow... Durian Chocolate Cake!!! I want I want.... I love this wonderful combination.... It's heavenly... :p So you sandwiche it with durian cream? or? Care to share a bit more :p

  2. Wow! Edith, this cake looks yummilicious. Mind sharing the recipe with me?

  3. Hi Edith...
    I wonder what's the taste mind just cant compute durian with choc...hahahahaha but would love to try some though.


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