Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Good to know

Recently, my little sister (not that little anymore) seems to show an interest in cooking. It is really comforting to hear that because it will be nice to have a sibling that share the same interest as you. My opportunity to attend classes is low as I need to cater to my kids first. I also need to ensure that hubby will not be travelling during that date. I can't rely on my helper to safe keep my kids as I live on the 16th floor with no window grills. Thus when KL told me that there was a bread making course available near where I lived, I was happy but soon realised that they have already started the course and I wasn't able to attend that too. Saturdays are a jam packed day for me and that course was not ideal too as it spreads to 4 weekends! If not, either hubby or my aunt can help me to babysit. Sometime, I wish I lived near my parents. At least I can "sneak" out for a few hours without worry about my kids’ safety. Well too bad that I don't have that luxury. In the meantime, I will depend on good friends, the cyber world and mommy's recipes. This dish was tried out by my little sister. I called it Basil Chicken and it turned out to be nice. Photobucket
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