Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are we aging

Very soon, we will be done with a good half year of 2009. Looking back from my daughter's first day of school, I am amazed how quickly time goes by.

She had just completed her first "serious" test! Unbelievable! T and I always talked about raising kids and being the more experienced one, she always tell me to enjoy them while they were young. I truly agree with her.

Despite the nagging, I do enjoy them a lot. Blessed with them was the best gift I ever get.

They are cheeky, loving and unbelievable sweet and sometime even sensible!

Now, that my son is about to enter his puberty stage in life. Each day, I am listening out when he will “crack” his voice, checking out his face for his FIRST pimple and feeling for his "Adam apple". Geesh, I think I am more excited than him. LOLz.

Seeing them grow also seeing myself age. Hubby was pointing out my white hair just the other day. Pigmentation seems to be covering up my face. Age spots are appearing on my body like the time - so quickly.

Now, MB who has 30 years old kid said she looks like 35. I am going to envy her when I see her next.

Should I go for face lift, skin derma and bleach? .. a new me will definitely a welcome gift for me to hit the mid 40s milestone.

Anyway, enough of my daydream... I should get back to work.

I still have yet to complete some assignments for Cupcake Fantasies and I will be busy for the next three evenings before we hit weekend and then we will be off for a short vacation with my family, sister's (yes we enjoy travelling together) and this time round, mommy dearest is joining us as well.

I have been holding on a recipe that I meant to try it out. In fact, I have been holding MANY recipes that I wanted to try.

Far too many that they have to go into a BOX!. I was thinking to myself that perhaps I should stop looking at recipes elsewhere and the library and start working on that pile. If not, it will just go up getting thicker and thicker.

Since I will never going to get an attic, I reckoned that I better do something about it. My study corner is soon turning into a dumpster.

Now, this recipe was shared by a blogger who took it from Food & Travel (which I tweaked alittle) and it is also pretty similar to what Sweet & Simple Bake's April Challenge which I missed.

The method is really new to me and I like the straight forward method. For those who refrain from baking because of all those washing, this is the recipe for you.

This vanilla cakelet is dense, moist yet soft. It tasted more like butter cake.


What you need:

180g butter, room temperature
200g casotr sugar
225g self raising flour, sifted
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 cup milk
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 170 degrees.

Mix all ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat on low speed till well combined. Increased speed and beat till batter becomes smooth.

Spoon batter into pan till 2/3 full.

Bake for 20 mins till light brown.

Allow to cool.
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  1. Sweetie unfortunatly times flies when we're having fun. I know we realize that when we look at our kids who have grown and think OMG I'm gettin' old. So nice these vanilla cakelet.

  2. I love your simple recipe, and your cupcakes are adorable ... they are square! I think this is the first time I seen square ones, so cute :)

  3. Good times flies...The cake looks and sounds yummy! Love the shape.

  4. Thanks for this one-bowl recipe. I am totally new to baking and these are perfect to give me some confidence to continue to learn without much failure! Thanks.

  5. Thanks for this one-bowl recipe. I am totally new to baking and these are perfect to give me some confidence to continue to learn without much failure! Thanks.


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