Saturday, April 04, 2009

A change

I always have friends over for dinner but never been one for breakfast. When J rang yesterday to say they are coming over for a visit. I invited her and her daughter, S for breakfast instead.

S and my daughter had been playmates since their kinder days. Though S is a year older than my daughter, they got on extremely well.

I guess S being the youngest with grown up siblings, she finds joy in playing with my little one. I guess a chance to be big sister. I think my daughter also like the idea of having a big sister to look out for her.

Next year, it will be really good because then both of them will be in the same morning session. I guess more time to get together to play.

Getting up early is no issue for me. No matter how late I get into bed the night before, my body clock always ring around 7. Of course, getting up at 6ish for my morning swim always post a little obstacle to get out of bed. hahaha.

Anyway, I decided to bake my White Bread Loafas my starter dough already ready in the fridge for me. As usual, this 17 hours proofing is really heavenly for me. The loaf turned out perfect.

Just imagine a loaf of soft and fluffy bread waiting for you at the breakfast table, freshly baked. Really love it. Definitely this is going to be my daily fix of home made bread in the future.


I was getting a little more experimental and used up half the dough to make cheese buns. Unfortunately it didn't yield a satisfactory result.

Guess my mistake is to "wrap" cheese into the dough. I should have just sprinkled it. Well, don't we learn from mistake?


What you need:

480g bread flour
274g water
7g dry yeast
7g sea salt
14g milk powder


Prepare the starter dough the same way as the multi nuts bread.


206g bread flour
7g sea salt
80g sugar
199g water
2g dry yeast
58g unsalted butter


Kneading method same as multi nuts bread.

Put dough into bowl and cover with cling wrap. Prove for 25 - 30 mins.

Divide dough into 6 equal portion.

Flatten and hand square them. Set aside to rest for 20 mins.

Flatten the dough and roll out into a recangle. Fold both sides towards the centre and roll again.

Roll it out until its wideth is similar to that of the loaf tin. Place it into the tin and cling wrap.

Prove for about 45min or more or 80% of the depth of the loaf tin. Close the lid.

Baked at 170 - 180 degree for 30 - 30 mins.

I also wanted to try churros. I always wanted to try this. For just dough, I wasn't really willing to pay the price when I saw it in Australia.

The recipe didn't turn out to my satisfaction, thus after frying the first batch. I added in another egg just to soften the dough for easy piping.

I am glad that J said it tasted actually like the one she tried in Australia.

This goes so well with a Spanish Hot Chocolate that I prepared. Absolutely delicious.


What you need:

400g plain flour
300ml milk
300ml water
3 large eggs, beaten
vegetable oil, for frying
castor sugar, to dust


Bring to boil the milk and water in a big pot.

Sift flour and add in flour to milk mixture at one go and beat vigorously till the dough leaves the side. Set aside to cool a little.

Put dough into mixer, with a K beater, beaten in egg little by little till you get a smooth and silky mixture.

Put into piping bag with a star tip and pipe into the piping hot oil.

Fry till golden brown.

Dust with sugar and serve immediately.

Recipe adapted from Chocolate by Maxine Clark

Spanish Hot Chocolate
What you need:

400ml milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon as I don't have all spice
115g dark chocolate, grated
2 egg yolks


Bring to boil the milk and cinnamon.

Add in the chocolate and whisk till the chocolate melted.

Whisk in the egg yolks.

Stir over gentle heat until thickened.

Whisk till frothy and serve hot.

Note: this drink is thick and some might want to use it as a dipping.

Both way is delicious.
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  1. Hi Edith,

    Just a question on the pre-fermented dough which you did the night before. What's the reason for mixing this with fresh dough, like the way you did it?

    Also, it would be great if you could post step-by-step pictorial guide for dummies like me. Easier to follow.

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Hello Edith this bred looks so soft and yummy, I'll have to try it :)
    the churros look great too, we eat them with hot chocolate too specially on rainy days.

  3. Edith, I finally got hold of tt book from the library. So excited! Although I'm still very busy with my project MI, I'll definitely try it out real soon!

  4. Where can I buy the book Natural Breads made easy in SIngapore or Malaysia? Is it in English?

  5. The Blonde Duck, indeed it was yummy.

    Chef C, this method allowed the final proving time to reduce and giving it a major raise in the dough. I wish I can show you step by step next round when I do it.

    Faery, the churros was really good. My guests and my family love it.

    Anonymous, I gotten the book from HK but I was told that you need a month's notice for the local store to indent it in.

  6. The white loaf looks so soft and yummy, I'm craving for some now...

    And I used to eat Churros every morning when we were living in Andalusia, probably started to grow fat from there :-)

  7. Edith,
    Can the pre-ferment dough go beyond 17 hours? Time is a constraint so I'm not sure if I can time it exactly at 17 hours...

  8. Beau, every morning you had churros? wow lucky you. Getting fat for happy reason is worth it.

    BH, yes this can be done. If I am not wrong, it is good for 2 days.

  9. Hi Edith,
    I'm a beginner in bread making and find that bread which I made from the bread machine are hard after a day.

    Do you have any idea why this is so? Doyou use bread softener or improver? I prefer not to use them and hope you could share some tips to make soft bread.

    Also, could you share with me the 17hr bread recipe?

    Thanks so much.

  10. Hi Jolly,

    I don't have a bread machine and I don't use any improver for my bread. For all my bakes, I prefer the natural way. Isn't that what home made goodies are all about? Less perservative, less artificial flavourings and less bottled sauce.

    The recipe already posted in this blog.

    This recipe yields really good bread which I like. It is soft even after three days.

    Good luck.

  11. Hello Edith this bred looks so soft and yummy, I'll have to try it :)
    the churros look great too, we eat them with hot chocolate too specially on rainy days.


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