Monday, March 09, 2009

Time and Tide

I am getting listless these days. Partly I am still suffering from that irritating rash. Consulted so many doctors and none can really give me a remedy to my problem.

Yes, antihistamines did work for me but after taking it for nearly 2 years, I think I had enough. Though it allows me to sleep well but I feel really shitty the following days.

Now with Chinese herbs, the frustrating part is that they are not supposed to provide fast relief but rather a slow and steady wins the race approach. Oh gosh, how I wish I can see IMMEDIATE effect.

The weather isn’t helping much. Sometime it is cold and sometime it is so hot, like today.

To distract myself, I started to do a blog colour change. I also wanted to add a nice header to my naked blog. Unfortunately, the more I messed with it, the worst it gotten.

After going round and round in circles and still with no favourable result for days, I decided to close my blog. Taken me by surprise was the number of emails I received. I always thought that mine is a "low traffic" blog.

Who wants to come and read about some old housewife's nagging about life, kids and what she eats. hahahaha...

Thanks so much for the comforting and concern emails that I have gotten. You all had indeed given my confidence a boost. Rest assured that this blog is here to stay unless something drama really happened to me.

So to ease my frustration on the stupid html codes, I decided to cook. Today, after my swim, though sleepy from a restless night and yet feeling frustrated with the blog, I am still in a mood to cook.

Thus, I decided to do my grocery shopping as I am going to cook something new.

These days, I also started to cook. Partly my helper is totally hopeless in the kitchen. The amount of oil she uses is pretty scary. In short, she just doesn't have the senses and passion for cooking.

I have offered my "library" for her to get inspiration but she would rather go around aimlessly and waiting for instructions daily. Sometime I wonder what her parents eat on a daily basis because she claims to cook for them.

Surprisingly for a person who likes to eat (believe me, more than my hubby's intake) and knows about good food, I finds it strange that she doesn't have passion to cook.

To be honest, I was really tempted to hop into a Burmese restaurant last weekend.

Unfortunately the menu doesn't really entice us thus we decided to give it a skip.

From the banner, it looks too much like Chinese food. LOLz.

While I was down at the supermarket, a very sad incident happened. Apparently an old folk couldn’t control his/her bowel and dirtied the floor. The whole supermarket was starting to smell. I should applaud the staff for their quick actions. They were great.

At the back of my mind, I really hope that when I aged, I will be stress free for my kids. Thus, I better take care of my health as well as my family.

Back to my dinner. Supposedly to have a vegetarian pilaf but I read the recipe by mistake. So it is now a plain pilaf to goes with my beef mysore. LOLz. (you won't believe it, I read only HALF of the recipe. blur me).

Now… here is our dinner that I churned out for the family. I was taken by surprise how easy this dish is. Really fuss free and tasted really good. Enjoy.

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