Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another year

This year will prove to be a very challenging year as my first born will be sitting for his first National Examination. To many Singaporean parents, this year is very very critical. It is somehow like all work and no play scenario which I really hope I don't have to resort to.

We have done our pep talk with son and hopefully he understands the importance of this examination. As much as we wanted to encourage him as well as to coax him to spent more time on his studies. At the end of the day, the effort must come from him.

I am also glad that we are now living in the central area, thus I will spent less time travelling when ferrying the kids. Having my princess being in the afternoon session means lesser time for myself but at least I can focus on one kid at a time.

For this brand new year, I haven't been in the kitchen as I am still resting after my surgery. Though my family is putting up with my helper's cooking, I do feel bad that I couldn't cook personally.

Yesterday, I was trying to act hero and started doing some errands. It proves that it is a bad decision because by night fall, I was feeling really shitty. The wound was hurting badly as well as the numbness of my toes were intensifying. The pain extended to my hip. Guess it is not ready to take the stress.

So today, I was a good little gal. I bed rest nearly the whole day.

By evening, I felt much better and decided to cook a dish that my mom reminded me of a few days' ago.

Stew chicken with onion is my favourite when I was little. Though not as nice as mommy dearest but I think my family will enjoy it. Photobucket
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