Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Been so busy that I simply had no time to bake. Initially I wanted to bake my well loved Hampton Fruit Cake but somehow, I just couldn't find the time to do it. Yet I needed something Christmasy for my party tomorrow.

I read about E'Joie's stollen bread and thinking about my last failed attempt at bread making, the stubborn streak in me just didn't want to give up. Thus, seeing the fine weather at this end of the sunny island. I decided to embark on it.

I love anything that has alcohol. Perhaps it is in my blood because my granddad is a good drinker. Surprisingly, the next generation, all can't drink and follow by the next, most of us are pretty alcoholic. LOLz.

The dough started out really wet. I used the machine for a good 15 mins to knead it (is this enough?). I think it passed the window test but when I added in the fruits and nuts. The dough soften to a wet dough again. My gut feel was telling me it is going to flop big time.

I refused to give up. With such good weather, I hope it will give it a good rise. Unfortunately after 2 hours!!!!! of proofing. It only balloon 10%. Darn goes my stollen.

With so much goodies as I have added mazipan, rum soaked fruits and almond. How can I threw this into the bin. I went ahead and baked it nevertheless.

Let's see what my guests had to say tomorrow.

Photobucket I am definitely going for your class in Jan. This bread making tactic is getting into my nerve.
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