Sunday, August 17, 2008

I love being busy

Started from Monday, I had been extremely busy. This week is jam packed with activities and errands as I go about preparing my kids' 6th and 11th birthday bash and followed by a BBQ celebration in the evening plus a delivery for a three years old birthday the next day.

In my home, we celebrate by milestones. Like one year old, 6 years olds, 12 years old, 16 years old and 21 years old. As for the in between years, it will be just the family and classmates.

This feeling reminded me of my working days. Each and everyday is packed with activities. I also tell my girl friends that God makes women damn good at multi tasking.

I am sure my female readers out there will agree with me. So time management is really important for me. In fact, I am pleased that I didn't lose touch with such skill. LOLz.

For tonight's dinner, we went simple. Vegetarian? not really. I always wanted to try risotto and once I watched AFC and realised that preparing it is not difficult at all. I went about preparing for this day.

The stock is the main "actor" in this dish. I didn't want chicken as we just had some last night so I prepare fish stock instead. I love fish stock. When my kids were still babies. I will always prepare fish stock for use in their porridge.

It is simply delicious and full of nutrients. I am really glad that my family finds my mushroom risotto delicious.


My picture somehow looks blur. Perhaps time to attend some serious classes. I am still so lousy with reading manual. Despite having my little toy for over a year, I am still "lost" in the functions. tsk tsk tsk
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