Thursday, May 08, 2008

Waking up to sunshine and a cool breeze

Despite a late bedtime as I was yakking away with G, sponging in all the new information that she shared that I wasn't even aware that it was way past midnight and I have to wake up by 6am the next day. I really enjoyed this new friendship with her. This morning, expected myself to be in between my sleepy land and my so called DUTIES. Surprisingly, I was wide awake!!! It was great feel as this morning, the air was really crisp and with sunshine just warming up. How I wish the temperature will maintain like this. Sometime I crave for 4 seasons but in Singapore, we can only get three. Hot, hotter, hottest and right now we are into our early "summer" time and that is hottest season. I missed the March period where we had the lowest temperature in history. It was simply great. Now back to reality. GL was really sweet. She buzzed me last night asking about my migraine the other day and advise me to take something cooling as this sourching heat is bad for me. So this morning, I diligently prepared some Cheng Tng as hubby is also heading home from Saudia. I guess he too needed it. I guess today will be a great great day. Son completed his mid year exam, hubby is coming home and I have no itch. Yipee yipee yipee. way to go!!!!!!! Photobucket Posted by Precious Moments @ 9:21 AM :: (0) comments
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