Friday, May 09, 2008

A Miracle

Many years ago, on my way to Kabul, I stopped over at Dubai for a short holiday. While there, I saw these rich, heavily laced syrup, plenty of nuts goodies in the market place. The choices were so many that you don't know how to begin. Being not so adventurous and the salesperson can't speak English, I didn't dare to try as I was concerned about the coconut, the sweetness, whether it has this milky taste and etc. Hubby changes my view on these "Arabian Chocolates" when he came back home, loaded lots of such goodies and a miracle story to tell. (I called them "chocolates" as it is like our gourmet chocolate shop. You pick and choose and weigh them to compute the cost.) I was totally blown away. The sweetness is acceptable and gosh the taste. It was heavenly. Different ones have different texture and boy was YM (Hubby's distributor) right. "It is damn good!" Now, let's me tempt you a little. I wonder whether we can make our own too. Photobucket And these dates are amazing. Don't be deceived by these plain looking ones. I love these so much that I refused to part with it. In Dubai, I bought those were really fanciful. It comes either with almond fillings or laced with honey. For these one in Saudi, it is fresh (according to hubby). Initially I though fresh as what is available in our supermarket but surprisingly, I think it is dried rather than fresh. There is no aroma to this fruit but when you bite it, it actually has this beautiful smell or taste to it. I simply can't describe the feel but it is really good. I shared some with my friend who initially very sceptical as she doesn't take dates. After urging her to try it, gee, she is addicted to it! hahaha If you have a chance ever, do buy some and try it. You won't regret it. Photobucket As for the miracle story. YM brought my hubby to meet one of his client, and apparently this client was my better half's best friend in primary school. They lost touch after going to secondary school. Just imagine, they finally found each other in a foreign land after all these years. Isn't it wonderful?
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