Monday, May 26, 2008

First day

Today starts the month long mid year break for my kids. Though a month sounded long for me in the past but this time round, I know time will flies as I have so many agenda already lined up. As I read today's article about school teachers giving supplementary classes during this term break. I can't help but feel the tension building. My son's class on overall didn't do well for the mid year exam thus I guess the teachers are feeling the heat and thus my kid is also subjected to this. Unfortunately we will be out of town to for my son to "reap this extra attention". After the teacher parents meeting last Friday, we went home feeling concerned. PSLE is no longer like it used to be. It is more "high level" and expectation from a 12 years old to do alright (not even well) is really scary. To be honest, sometime I wonder whether how many 12 years old children really understand the importance of this exam and that their future actually lie on their 12th year of their life. Preparation for the PSLE actually starts during 11th years and how many 11 years old really comprehend that they need to really work hard so that they are able to path their future? Haiz. That is why I fully understand why some couple refused to have kids. They rather not have them than to have them and be put under such stress. Unlike many of my friends' kids who already had a long list of homework to be completed during this school holiday. My son was lucky enough to be spared of such but from his results, I have more issues to work on as he doesn't seem to take serious view on his poor result. Does 11 years old have reflection? Anyway, we can only help him as much as we could. The rest is really up to him. Our view is that it is important for him to create this interest from within and not from us. The needs have to be from him himself rather than from us. If not, we doubt it will be effective enough to create decent results. So we can only give him love and support, the rest will be from him alone. Now I can only pray that he will grow up soon and matured enough to tackle his first hurdle in life. Photobucket Posted by Precious Moments @ 1:07 PM :: (3) comments
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