Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Excellent Award

When I first started blogging, the main aim was to help with my deteriorating memory. Being a stay home mom, we don't really utilised our brain juice as much as we wanted to. I don't know about other stay home mommies but my vocabulary and my arithmetic were heading for a landslide. It was a worrying sign for me then. Having a blog also created an outlet for me to document little precious moments in my life. It also allows my better half to know alittle morsel of what we have been up to when he is not around. It was a fun journey to see how much I have grown. Not that my writing style has improved tremendously but at least for now, I picked up the dictionary less often as compared to in the beginning. My train of thoughts flow much easier when I am doing a write up now. Though I get many encouragements from my fellow blogger friends that my blog is doing fine but deep down, I do know my blog is not as captivating as many others out there. When Faery forwarded me an EXECELLENT AWARD. I was really surprised! I ain't a great baker than can invent recipes, I ain't such a great cook either, my photography and food styling is just marginal. So do I really deserve this? *blush blush blush* Nevertheless, Faery, thanks so much for this. It is indeed a privileage. Now I am passing on these to the few that have always inspire me to be one day like them. Mad Baker for her bold and beautiful photography. The Journal of a Girl who Loves to Cook for her interesting little snippet of her life. Food Lover's Journey for always bringing me suprises with her unique method of food preparation. Posted by Precious Moments @ 6:17 PM :: (2) comments
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