Thursday, May 15, 2008

Can they really do that?

I am still sufferring from an aftermath of what happened yesterday and I just need to get it off my chest before I go crazy. In preparation of getting my daughter to school. I jumped into a quick shower. In the midst of it, I heard a sudden downpour. Worried some shoes that left near the end of my patio. Half dressed, I went to have a peek to make sure all is well. I GOT A SHOCK when I saw a HUMAN BEING at my doorstep!!!!!! My first thought was, "HIDE". I quickly ran back to my room where my daughter was. Was it a burglar trying to break in? Both my mobile and home phone were in the hall! With no choice, I dressed and creeped back to the hall to access the phone. Then I got another shock AGAIN! I recognised the man from NEA!!! I immediately open my door and confronted him and his two female colleagues. My fear was overcome by my anger when he told me that he shouted many times and I didn't response and I know him as he came before!! I couldn't believe my ears!!!!!! Does that meant he has the right to OPEN MY GATE, SHUT MY GATE and INVITED HIMSELF and HIS COLLEAGUES to my patio. Even if I recognises him, he is NO friend of mine. He also said that he DIDN'T ENTER my house!!!!!!! and it was raining. Does it mean that from the gate to my patio is not MY PROPERTY????? Even though it was raining, does this give him the right to access my house like this? Furthermore, what I don't understand is that I do have neighbours that is just a stone throw away and they have maids that is at home most of the time. Why mine? I believe even the police when they want to enter a property, they first need to seek permission or a warrant, don't they? Even with Mas Selamat's disappearance, I never had so much fear in this area that I lived. What happened yesterday changes everything. Now I have a huge padlock on my gate and should I get a dog to protect my home, my family and myself? Posted by Precious Moments @ 8:10 AM :: (11) comments
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