Thursday, May 22, 2008

Begining to clear

It is never short of food in my little love nest. Each time I get a visit from friends or relatives, they are amazed that my fridge is packed to the brim. For a family of four, I have a big fridge. In fact, I love American size fridge even when we didn't have kids back then. My mom used to get jealous because of that (hehehe). As much as I wanted to do self control. My trip to the supermarket always ended up with plenty of stuff that is not on my grocery list. It is always that little voice in my head that says: "mmmm... this is good, I am going to cook this with that" or "yes, I saw a recipe using this and this is what I am going to do". Plonk went into the trolley but when I reached home .... time and priority changes and I have to wait for that fuzz to be back again. Thus, my little pantry are stocked so well that I think can last a year of supply should we ever go on war! To make matter worse, whenever I do a spring clean, I always ended up throwing expired stuff away. Talking about times are hard, I am so sinful. Haiz am I the only one with such "illness"? Anyway, we will be taking a short break in June and I better slowly try to deplete my supplies. At least for those items in the fridge. Also it will be a good timing to do some bonding in the kitchen with my kids. So back to today's precious moments.... A week back, I made Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream but my daughter apparently didn't had enough and she requested for more. This time round, I did Raspberry Ice Cream just to satisfy her craving. (the same recipe as here) With the inflation going rocket high .... it is so much cheaper to have home made ones and more delight in creating our own version of ice cream, isn't it? Now, how I wish I can have an ice cream machine .... as my family is all ice cream lovers. hint.. hint.. hint ... leaving a trail of more hints. Photobucket Posted by Precious Moments @ 9:06 AM :: (5) comments
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