Sunday, May 04, 2008

Been wondering....

Many months ago, I discovered this little soup bar. Actually it was through a news article but I got the location wrong. Finally M and I managed to hunt down this little place and since then, it was no turning back for me. They have the absolute delicious seafood bisque that it actually creates craving for me every now and then. I will just swing over after sending my daughter to school just to have a warm cup of soup. Over at this soup bar, they also serve delicious crepes. Though a little pricey I would say. I always wonder how crepes actually should be . It is like pancake in a thin form? or should it be crispy? hmmmmm..... anyone care to share their view? Anyway, I have this book that I am reading right now and they have one such recipe. As I have been coaching my son in preparation for his exam. I was really getting bored. Just imagine staying home for the past few days, seated down and watching him revise is in fact quite tiring. I was craving for something sweet and I don't have the energy to bake a cake. Since I had a bunch of leftover banana hanging around so I decided to get into action and make my very own crepes with banana and chocolate melt. (I suspect banana is no longer my princess' favourite now). Did I pass the mark? Photobucket Recipe adapted from Chocolate Without Borders. What you need 250g plain flour 350g milk (recipe calls for 500g) 5 eggs 25g sugar a pinch of salt 1 tbs oil melted butter Method Add the sugar, salt and the oil to the flour Beat the eggs til light and airy and add them to the flour mixutre. Add a little milk and beat until you have a thick and smooth batter. Slowly add the rest of the milk till you get a fairly runny texture. If not, you can add on a little more milk than required. Melt a little butter in hot frying pan (flat surface) and pour a little batter into it. Swirl the pan around so that the batter covers the surface. Cook the crepes till they are golden brown. Pile the crepes onto a plate and serve with your favourite toppings. In my case, I have done banana with Valrhona chocolate. Posted by Precious Moments @ 11:40 PM :: (5) comments
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