Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A twist

The difference between cooking and baking is that cooking is really versatile. Very often, a so called NEW baking recipe is "created" by someone who just alter the sugar level, a change between butter and oil or a mixture of flours but the outcome is still the same category of cake or cookies. The science involved is basically fixed. Whereas in cooking, a change ingredients can change the taste of the whole dish. Giving a whole new dimension. Though I baked, I am not really adventurous in experiementing. In fact, I don't have that talent to do so unlike many good bakers out there who are able to twist and turn a recipe and yet still product so delicious bakes. But when comes to cooking, I dare to improvise and alters and that is exactly what happened today. Since we are having lunch with M & her kid. I got to plan my dinner early. Initially I wanted to do a Kapitan Soy Sauce Chicken which I saw in the Popular Club Magazine and of course thinking that I have got all the ingredients. Merrily went we out. A last minute decision for them to come over to our house to continue the kids' playtime. So I need to work quickly in my dinner preparation while having my guests in the house. M was sitting in the kitchen watching me prepare my dinner and she asked me why it is called so when there isn't any soy sauce involved. Gee.... I didn't even noticed that. It was only then that I read my recipe THOROUGHLY. Gosh I realised that I was missing out a few important ingredients. Too late, need to improvise. The outcome didn't turned out so badly. In fact, M said it smell nice and tasted good. My son love it but then he is into his sour mode. Hubby's view is that it is okay but lack the X factor which he cannot describe. So let me present to you my Tamarind Chicken. Photobucket
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