Monday, October 22, 2007

MeMe: Five Things

I have been tagged by Baking Fiends Unite and wondering if anyone is interested to know more of me. hehehehehe... Found in my room: 1. My laptop on my messy study table together with my handphone charger, camera connector and printer) 2. My mini hi fi 3. TV & DVD player 4. Our wardrobes 5. Reading chair (fully utilised by my daughter) I have always wanted to do: 1. Be travel guide (misses this opportunity as the starting pay was really low then. Blame it on my shortsightedness) 2. Stay at home yet working (geesh, I can't decide which is a better deal) 3. Travel (hopefully, I will be still strong enough to continue where I left off many years ago) 4. Charity work (when my kids are old enough to care for themselves, I wish to devote some of my time to this cause) 5. Bake to my heart's content and have hi tea everyday with my friends and friends to be. Found in my bag: 1. Compact powder, lip stick, lip gloss (can't leave without it) 2. Keys (the fewer the better so I only have one key to the house and one key to the car) 3. Mobile phone (I am not a phone person so hardly uses it, mostly incoming calls) 4. Wet/Dry Tissues (can't leave home without these especially with my kiddos) 5. Camera (just love capturing all those precious moments in my life) Found in my wallet: Of course I have got more than 5 items in mine but I shall just name a few. 1. Credit cards 2. Driving License 3. ATM card (the lesser the better, so I only have one) 4. My kids' photo 5. Loyalty cards (can't say no to good deals with these cards) I am currently into: 1. Blogging (thinking of giving up or keeping it private. Pisses me off when people lift ideas off and act as if it is theirs) 2. Getting lost in Facebook. (pardon me if you find me non participative) 3. Reading lots of bakery/Cook books for inspiration. 4. Going to take up exercise as my health hasn't been good. Hubby's strong advice. 5. Making plans for our holidays and end year holiday parties. Candidates to tag 1. CookBake Legacy 2. E's Joie 3. Simple Anne's 4. My Culinary Journal 5. Grandmother Stories Labels: MeMe Posted by Precious Moments @ 9:20 PM :: (8) comments
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