Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Lately, I do feel like dropping off from blogging. I have nothing to show and nothing to write. Totally no motivation to pursue blogging. Has life been on a standstill? Nah.... I have been busy but gosh, I don't know what I have been busy with? Each day passes by swiftly. Exam period is getting near. Hubby is confident that son can do it and son is oblivious that exam is near. Both are as cool as cucumber except this crazy mom getting paranoid. Each day I wanted to set up an organised, clean and neat environment so that my son can "focus" but each day after the clean up, by afternoon, it ended messier than before. It was driving me nuts. It is so hard to teach my two little monsters about tidiness! I know I can never study in a mess. I need to have at least an organised table to focus. sigh sigh sigh Since mommy has got no mood, my family had been practically living off cereal and nutella sandwiches for breakfast. Of course, my son won't minded at all. Dinners were usually a quick fix or takeaways. One of the days as mommy was totally caught up with cleaning the book shelves. Sorting and throwing out books. Trying to organise the totally disorganised books and grouping them back to where it belongs. Mommy to son : Son, please call daddy to help us to get takeaways as I am not in time to prepare dinner. Son: Hi Dad, can you help us to get takeaways? Dad: Ask mommy, what would you guys like to have? Mom: Anything that is convenient. Son: Mom said anything. Dad: What about grass? Mom: okay Son put down the phone and turn to sister and in a casual tone. Son: we are going to have grass for dinner. Sister: good, that is my favourite! Mom stopped packing and was laughing, picked up the phone and share this with daddy. Dad's conversation with daughter. Dad: So your favourite is grass? Daughter: Yes. Dad: Okay I will pluck some grass for you. Daughter: Okay but daddy, please pluck it from elsewhere. Dad (surprise): Why, other place taste better? Daughter: Yes daddy. By then, daddy and mommy were rolling with laughters. Sigh! Guess these are the time whereby I feel that having kids are so wonderful. I better get back to be a good mommy. Went to the Tekka Wet Market to get my beef supply as we haven't really been having this for a long time. Both my kids love beef. I decided to try out another stall. The previous stall that I usually buys from is really temperamental. Someday he can be nice as an angel but there are days he seems to be getting PMS. Anway I am spoilt for choices as there are a few stalls that sells the same thing and this new one is recommended by my good gourmet friend S. So despite my lazy bone acting up again. I gave myself a hard push. This dish is how my mom cooked for us when we were young and I am serving it to my family now. Stir Fry Beef with Onions. Simple and yet delicious. Photobucket What you need: 500g beef (sliced) 1 big white onion (sliced) Garlic (minced) soya sauce Pepper Corn starch Sesame oil Method: Marinate beef with soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper and corn starch. Heat wok till very hot. Add oil. Sauté onion till soft and add on garlic. Fry till fragrant. Push aside the onions/garlic. Add beef. Briefly stir fry it. DO NOT WAIT TILL THE BEEF IS COOKED. Remove and serve hot. Labels: about life, main (asian) Posted by Precious Moments @ 8:44 PM :: (3) comments
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