Thursday, October 25, 2007

Empty promises

My little one has been pestering to make ice cream since our last ice lollie experience which we had a great time churning out. I did promise that we will do it but each day, I kept telling her... "Sweet pea, not today." "why mommy?" "because there isn't enough time" "why mommy?" "because we need to rush" and blah blah blah Anyway, enough of excuses and empty promises. I just had to do some proper time management. I am begining to feel really bad about my empty promises. Being a parent, I am darn sure this is not the way to teach my kids what a promise is. If I can't fulfil it then I jolly well don't make one. If I made one, then I better make it true. Otherwise, my promises is as good as rubbish and my credibility with my kids will goes down the drain. Definitely didn't want to bring them up in such a manner. So mommy better be good at her promise. Finally, I have got all the ingredients ready including my favourite choice of milk for making ice cream. We spent a good morning before school whipping out Horlick Ice Cream . Horlick flavour was inspired by Uncle R after he and Auntie H hopped over few days ago to share their tub of creamy yummilious ice cream. Now let's hope ours is as good as the one they bought. hehehe... Making ice cream is a waiting process as I don't have an ice cream maker. Maybe should check with grandpa to see whether his dinosaur machine is still around. Thus, we got to wait a day to savour our fruit. I am really glad that my little one has this patience to wait and I am sure she will be delighted to know that she can savour her effort after her breakfast. Yes ice cream in the early morning. No harm to spoil her a little right? Photobucket Taking picture of ice cream is really a tough job due to the humidity here. It melts really fast. Photobucket Well enough said, let's dig in. Labels: ice cream Posted by Precious Moments @ 8:59 AM :: (4) comments
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