Monday, July 30, 2007


The next big wave of healthy drink hitting town is promegranate juice. It is high in natural antioxidants which is good for the skin. It is very popular in Korea when I was last there in December. You are spoilt with choices as their supermarket is so well stocked with different brands.

So while doing my grocery yesterday, I grab a bottle remembering how good it is to our health. Anyway, I wanted something jiggly for our dessert tonight.

Here is my Fruit Jelly with Pomegranate Juice. yummmmm all my favourites.


What you need

Fresh fruit of your choice (diced)
2 packet of Tropical Jelly (Lemon)
2 cups of pomegranate juice


Boil Pomegranate juice Mix the boiling juice into the jelly and stir till crystals melted.

Divide into 4 serving cups and add in fruits.

Chill till set and serve cold.
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  1. mind if i ask what fruit do you used to make this dessert?

  2. even apples can put into this dessert?

  3. where can i find tropical jelly (lemon) and pomegranate juice?

  4. where can we find tropical jelly (lemon) and pomegranate juice?

  5. Yes apples are ok if you cut and put it in the last min to avoid oxidation.

    +1, the Tropical jelly and Pokka pomegranate juice can be found in any supermarket.

  6. where can we find tropical jelly (lemon) and pomegranate juice?


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