Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Sis

My brain cells got jumbled up these few days. I am so glad that hubby can stay for another day so that I can really rest my head. It is good to have an extra pair of hand to do errands when you are not up to it.

Was trying to rest my head when my sister and her family decided to pop over. It is her birthday today (in fact, I got so muddle headed that I sent my wishes to her yesterday!!!). I couldn't bring myself to lie in bed while they are in the house.

Being me, I love to feed a crowd. I decided to prepared some snacks for them and to present my little cake that I baked for her yesterday.

It is really fun getting old and youngs to get involved with rolling up of the Vietnames Rice Paper Rolls. It is healthy and nice snack just before our birthday dinner at the restaurant.


Since my sister had never tasted macaroons before and I have somemore hazelnut flour left, I decided to bake her a batch. Instead of half portion which I think I will managed fine, I accidently sieved too much icing.

Darn darn darn, now I have a full portion but not enough hazelnut! No choice, gave the recipe a twist and did a half half. Hazelnut and almond macaroons.

I only managed two trays as I have two mats only. So I let the rest of the batter in the fridge and hopefully, it still works when I go for my third tray.


But hey, I was really really excited because I think I spotted feets!!!! yipee!!!! Oh just before our morning mass, I gave a box of mini cuppies to my son's sunday school teachers. Was delighted to hear that they enjoyed them.

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