Friday, July 13, 2007

Gate crash?

Each day, a group of mommies will chat while waiting for our kids to finish school. We will touch on many topics evolving round our lives. Some are part time mommy while others are full time therefore, the topics are really diverse. As time goes by, friendship bonded too. For some, we become good friends. The past few days, I have been on errand mode thus didn't have a chance to chat with these ladies. Just when I was thinking how to kill time between picking up my princess and then my prince and yet having to attend a school talk in the evening. I was invited to a gathering by this group of mommies. We begin the afternoon with tea in one of the mommies' home. Then we proceed to the swimming pool. The kids had numerous hours of fun before the weather get chilly and we have to get the children out of the pool. shoes The party didn't end there, it change venue to the playground in which the kids continue having another two hours of fun. The day ended at 7pm. Just in time for me to swing back to son's school for the talk. J was really sweet to babysit my kids and even offered me dinner after. Photobucket (Such cute "cupcakes") By the time my kids reached home at 11ish, they were dead beat. Phew, didn't take too much coaxing for them to go to bed tonight except my princess begins to miss her daddy and started crying. Labels: about life Posted by Precious Moments @ 11:59 PM :: (1) comments
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