Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things won't be the same anymore

The master plan for this area was out a few hours ago. Unfortunately, we were among the lot that got affected in the early phrase of development. That is to say, by end 2008, we will have to vacate our little kampong. Photobucket My first plant from seeds finally bloom. I feel so proud of it. Passage to good laughters, food and wine Photobucket Where the kids and adults have many hours of fun. To some, even fond memories. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket To those who had been to my place, you are indeed very lucky to see the original because "these people" will be starting construction work. The front facade that you see before, that is the entrance to the camp will be converting into a 6 lanes road. The idyllic, tranquil ambience will be gone real soon. Things will not be the same anymore. Trees will be felling, no more bird chirping, no more crickets clicking, no more visits from the toad into the house, no more cats visiting, no more butterflies fluttering around...... oh! just when I am beginging to fall in love with this place. Anyway, we are going to host more parties before everything changes. So here comes party time! Labels: about life Posted by Precious Moments @ 9:19 PM :: (6) comments
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