Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Caught it!

We had an unwelcome visitor in my pantry for a week. Initially I couldn't determine what it was but apparently "someone" has been scratching on my pantry door. Last weekend, one of our guest for the BBQ owns a pest control company and he quickly confirmed that it is a mice/rat trying to get out. So yesterday he passed some traps and bingo! After laying the trap, in an hour or two, that little one got stuck! My hubby and kids all called him cutie but I can never bring myself to have a peek. In fact, my dear hubby wanted to adopt him as a pet!!!!! No way!!! No way!!!! Enough of yucky. Been craving for something sourish and sweet and recently I made a bottle of orange curd and I was also trying out a new sweet dough recipe that hubby said was nice. So here is my Orange Curd Tart. Photobucket Labels: dessert Posted by Precious Moments @ 10:28 AM :: (5) comments
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