Saturday, June 16, 2007

Catching up with old time friends

I can hardly remember when my dearest hubby invites his friends back home for a full meal. In fact, it is always a makan session outside rather than having one at home. Perhaps it was due to the space when we were living in an apartment then. Maybe men need bigger space to move around. hehehe...

Taking advantage of the space and this time, he invited a FEW groups at one go. I too, took the opportunity to invite a few of mine whom I haven't seen for a long time. Will be nice to catch up face to face rather than over the phone or messaging.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any chance to take pictures except this one as some guests arrived early.

It had been really a hectic day for me as I got to wake up really early to prepare an order for this lovely lady. She got such a bubbly personality that it is truly a joy to serve her. Let's hope her friend love this gift that she present.
After, I went to the wet market to purchase all the meat dishes for the BBQ. I haven't really been buying fresh produce around this area even though I have already been staying in this area for the last 6 months. (wow how time flies).
Then swing down town to make the delivery and to pick up a bicycle that wanted to find a new owner. The bicyle is perfect for a small frame person like me. I got such a hard time searching for one that fits me. Now we can go cycling as a family as mine was stolen a while ago. Thanks A & S and hopefully you guys like the cuppies.

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