Sunday, April 29, 2007

TV couch

When we moved into our nest, we decided to install cable, mainly because we wanted our kids to watch good educational programmes. Our local channels are really pathetic. We were unable to have cable channels in our previous home as all our wirings were hidden behind walls. The cable company couldn't do a better job in ensuring that the cables they needed can be as discret as possible thus, we turned down their promotional calls many times. Hubby was really sweet to add an additional channel to our package and that is Asian Food Channel. Though I would love to watch it as much as possible but I have my constraints. So in the evenings, when the kids are in bed, hehheee.... that is mommy's TV time. Hubby was sweet enough to let me dominate the TV!! I think he too got hooked onto some of the programmes. Anyway, I was down at the wet market and got hold of some fish paste. Thinking that I have a packet of wonton skin at home. I decided to try out this particular demo that I watched on AFC a few days' back. So here is my Fish Paste Rolls. I added seaweeds instead of chives and fish paste instead of meat paste. Photobucket What you need: Spring roll paper Fish paste Season with salt and pepper. Posted by Precious Moments @ 8:06 PM :: (2) comments
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