Thursday, April 26, 2007

A price to pay for being lazy

I have been longing for some chouquettee for quite some time. It is pretty expensive to buy 3 sticks from a bakery that I enjoyed especially when I can easily gobbled down 6 sticks or so. After a conversation with Z, she directed me to the source for getting the sucre sugar grain. I was really happy and finally got into the act. I have done choux pastry before but I would say as much as I have read that this is an easy recipe, personally didn't think so as you need pretty good arm muscles to beat the eggs into the batter. Well, perhaps it is due to my inexperience. Anyway, went along happily with it but I was too lazy to beat it with a wooden spoon and that is the price I paid. After adding in the last egg, I IMMEDIATAELY sense something is wrong. And boy was I right. The texture become terribly soft and I had a hard time piping it out. See, I lost the rosette pattern that I wanted to create. *cry* Photobucket I decided not to risk using my precious sugar grain and to just bake it plain. Hoping for the best. Sigh!!!!! Well, I am definitely not giving up as I am STILL longing for it. Wish me luck next time and I must remind myself, good things always come after hard work. hehehe. Posted by Precious Moments @ 10:46 PM :: (0) comments
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