Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hurry hurry

I had such a busy week. Partly due to my hubby not being around and as usual getting insomnia didn't help at all. I also spent a day with my buddy helping her with some legal document, getting my son ready for this forthcoming mid year exam too. To make it worse, this little boy is not co-operating at all!! Guess it will be high stress level for me for this forthcoming two weeks. Hopefully hubby will not have any last minutes travel plans. Sigh! kids living in Singapore have such hard life and so are their parents. Call me paranoid or kiasu but hey, we are being force into this. Which parents would bear to see their kid lax behind? The thought of him doing an extra year in secondary totally freaked me out. Why should he be penalised when he is good in all three except for one? I was told that in order to go to express stream, he needs 3 distinction passes to make up for ONE poor subject. Didn't they said that they have lowered the standard for this particular subject? BS! None is true, in fact, I think it got harder. Ironically, when they reached secondary level, this subject is no longer that important. sigh sigh sigh..... trapped trapped trapped. Enough of my ranting, let's turn on a happy mode now. It is one of my pal's birthday today. So in between coaching, airport pick up, car pick up and my other duties, I baked her these babies...... didn't have time to do a more elaborate design except something really simple. I was really glad that she and her guests love it. Didn't have time to take a proper picture though as we were really late for the party. Happy Birthday, May all your sweet dreams come true. Photobucket I enjoyed the party alot as I got to meet up with some "long time no see" friends. Perhaps it was the alcohol and the past week's fatigue that caught on but I wish I had the energy to stay up with you guys and yak more. Well, not to worry, I am planning the next round of party and I will make sure that I pop enough Red Bull to last me the night through. *wink* Till then, arrivederci. Posted by Precious Moments @ 11:30 PM :: (4) comments
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