Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yuan Qiao

How time flies, 15 days of Lunar New Year went by in a flash. I seems to accomplished alot during this new year. With the term test just completed, a sigh of relief that my dear son didn't fare too badly. In fact, he topped his class for English! heheheee... mom is sooooo proud. Son, please continue to do your best for Chinese okay. I have been craving for Pan Fried Nian Gao since the beginning of Lunar New Year. Bought one and meant to eat it over the new year but never really had the chance. So today begin the last day of new year, I decided to finished it up with a batter recipe that I copied. The first batch, I cut the nian gao too thick. Didn't achieve what I wanted. So the second batch, I sliced them a little thinner. This tasted good when eaten hot. Next round, I will try out my mom's recipe. Photobucket Labels: Asian Sweets, Nian Gao, Snacks Posted by Precious Moments @ 6:44 PM :: (1) comments
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