Thursday, March 29, 2007


I missed my old neighbours dearly. We were so tight-knitted and fun to be with. I missed the evening chats, that warm friendly wave when I drive past them, the knowledgement of each other existence by a wave of hand or a smile from a distance. Sigh! The saying goes, when you buy a house check out the neighbours! hahaha soooo true. not that my current neighbours are nasty but they are hardly home. Thank god, I have a dear friend who stayed within the same area and that really helps to break the impact. Anyway, H gave me a melon during one of her grocery shopping and missing L's wonderful recipe of Creamy Honeydew Sago. I decided to have this for our dessert tonight instead of having it whole. H was extremely delighted to get a share of this wonderful dessert. She said she reached a all time high climax. L, heard that? Thanks so much. Photobucket Having it also reminds of the first "party" I had with her. Wonderful. Labels: dessert Posted by Precious Moments @ 8:37 PM :: (3) comments
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