Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finally a closure

Today we "surrendered" something that we called home for the last 10 years. A home that welcome two wonderful kids into our lives. This has been a bittersweet feeling for me. On one hand, I hate to let it go as this place is so convenient and easily assessible to the rest of the island and most importantly, my neighbours are simply awesome. We have formed great friendship over the years and they are like family members that are dear to me now. The layout for this house was fantastic, we have two ensuites for this apartment which is a rare find in Singapore. Everything is just what I wanted in a home. Squarish and spacious. On another hand, if we didn't go with the idea, we will need to have the whole property refurnish and that is really a complicated process. Tough decision but reality overrules. Anyway, the day has finally come for us to have a closure. The place will be totally different in two years' time. Perhaps there will be another chance to move back again or perhaps I am so totally comfortable with laid back living that I won't yearn for city living again? I hate to see it goes but ........ Good bye Lock Cho! You have brought to me the best memories and will be with me forever. Thank you. Posted by Precious Moments @ 3:46 PM :: (2) comments
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