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Finally I get to "work out" my kitchen solo. Hubby planned for three gatherings back to back and I felt the tension as first of all, I am not familar with my grocery shopping area and secondly, the plan kept changing.

From first weekend to the next and from dinner to become breakfast. Last of all, I am still very new to my kitchen layout and I couldn't remember by hard where my utensils are. So I kept opening and shutting drawers and cupboards and that frustrates me.

Tonight's dinner group is a small group and they have been friends even before we got married. I decided to "dry run" my attempt with Nasi Lemak on them. hehehehee.... my food critic and I can rest assured that I will get honest feedback.

Not too bad, I managed to pull off my Rendang Chicken despites fumbling over those spices.

A recipe that I adapted from Malaysian Delicacies with a little modification to my liking.


What you need

chicken parts (I used 3 tighs and 3 breast)
168ml coconut milk
3 tbsp sugar
1 cup oil


300g small onions
150g garlic
3 candlenuts
1" tumeric
2 slices glangal
1/2" belachan (toasted)

3 tbsp chilli paste (I mixed 3 tbsp chilli powder with a little water)
1 tbsp coriander seed powder
1 tsp fennel
1 tsp ground cumin
2 pcs tumeric leaves
4 stalks lemongrass


Heat oil and stir fry A & B and sugar till fragrant.

Add chicken and salt and stir till chicken is cooked.

Add in coconut milk and continue to stir till chicken is well coated and sauce thickens.

Remove and serve hot.


Another first attempt was Dried Shrimp Sambal (adapted from the same book). I was getting worried initially as the recipe didn't indicate oil but I have added some out of habit. I decided to fry them longer to see whether the ingredient will "dry up". Phew.....


What you need

5 small onions
3 cloves garlic
1 candlenut
5 tbsp oil
80g dried shrimps (rinsed with water)
100g red chillies (removed stem and seed)
1 dash of lime juice


Pound all ingredients till fine.

Heat wok and pan fry till dry

Serve with a dash of lime juice


I also prepared Osmanthus Cake as our dessert.


This dessert is very subjective. Out of the 6, two didn't like it. Guess one has to be exposed to wolf berries to appreciate it.

Personally I find this dessert gave off a very nice aroma during preparation but was a little disappointed that the aroma didn't really infused into the cake.

But overall, something refreshing and different.

What you need:

100g Water Chestnut flour
800ml water
70g Osmanthus syrup

(Boil together 15g sugar, 1 tsp osmanthus flower and 70ml water)
2 tsp Dry Osmanthus (rinsed)
100g rock sugar
1 tsp oil
optional: wolf berries a handful dry longan a few pieces


Mix water chestnut flour with water. Blend well and sieve it. Set aside.

Boil water chestnut liquid with sugar, dry osmathus and osmanthus syrup. Stir continuously. Remove immediately once solution starts to thicken.

Add the optional ingredients if desire.

Add oil and mix well.

Pour into mould and steam till mixture turn transparent.

Cool and unmould. Best serve chilled.

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