Thursday, November 09, 2006

I freaked out

My morning habit was after my breakfast, I would normally log on to check my mails before sending my little one to school. Since I got a little more time today, I decided to update my blog. The greatest mistake. While the updating process was going on, it suddenly hang. By the time I arrived home, all my codings in my blog vanished. I was deflated. It reminded those time where I spents hours trying to revamp my blog. Guess, I have to start all over again. Now my eyes are nearly crossed, my shoulders are aching and I am still not pleased with the end results. Anyway, for the time being, please bear with me till I make further improvement to it. Photobucket
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  1. Oh dear! I can understand how frustrating it is, I once was trying to do something in the template and then lost it. Take your time dear.

  2. WOW! nice! I like this new look! :)

    Dun worry edith, if u ever need my help, saya is here for u ya? :) can help u with it anytime...

    Btw, interesting lei, can give me the code for the translation thingy? Was thinking since it can translate to chinese, I can get my cousin to show my parents my blog in chinese... hehe...

  3. Thanks for the encouragements and offer girls.

  4. Hey E, u remember the same thing happened to me last year? I feel for ya man! I hope u did save those previous posts in ur comp.

  5. edith,

    this is least it's peaceful without the music.


  6. Oh dear, how unfortunate! I guess all of us experience those times when blogger hangs on us when we are posting or editing our templates. but don't worry the blog looks pretty good now!

  7. Oh dear! This is every blogger's worst nightmare! I've kept a copy of my template on Notebook for that 'just in case' moments.
    Hugs to you!


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