Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas comes early for us

Our wish comes true last week. After a short break, it is really nice to come home to this awesome piece of news but only today then we get it done in black and white, signed and sealed. Getting this done was really heart breaking. One moment you think you have got it, and the next you lost it. Then you got it again and you don't. After that roller coaster ride, I told my hubby that we shan't break this news to anyone until we are sure. Yet, at the back of my mind, I was praying that we won't be disappointed again. So having it done officially, I am really happy. Being "lost" for a good few weeks, finally I have a direction to move on. The feeling is great. As I mentioned earlier, I like my life to be alittle planned out. At least there is a homemaker's goal to pursue. *wink* I won't consider this to be our dream house but I think it is close. While I am waiting for friends and family to help me to collect unwanted carton boxes to stashed my treasures away. I got myself busy in the kitchen again. Since I have done my scones that is on my "waiting" list, now what else can I do? Yes!!! Jelly Hearts! Being a homebody, I am really losing touch with my surrounding. A, who is so nice to share with me this latest dessert craze and L for sharing with me the recipe. (hers is a little different from mine) Photobucket What you need Base 200g digestive biscuits 80g butter Fillings 8oz cream cheese ¼ cup sugar 2 tsp gelatine ½ cup hot water ½ tsp vanilla essence One punnet of strawberry (hulled and cut into halves) Topping 1 packet of Jello 300g water 2 tsp gelatine Method Processed biscuits till fine crumb in a food processor. Melt butter and mix well. Pressed the crumbs mixture into a pan and chilled till harden. Boil the water for the topping. Turn off heat and add jello and 2 tsp gelatine. Stir till everything dissolved. Set aside to cool. Melt sugar with hot water and then soak gelatine till soften. Cream the cheese till creamy. Add gelatine solution to it. Cream well. Pour cheese mixture into prepared pan and add strawberry. Arrange neatly. Set in the fridge. Pour the cooled jello onto cheese and let in the fridge till firm. Cut into small square pieces and serve cold. Posted by Precious Moments @ 8:32 AM :: (13) comments
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  1. hi! how do you cut yours into such nice pieces? and what pan you use? i tried yours is great! but after i took out from pan, is in a mess/ pls give me advice. thank you!

  2. I used a sharp knife. You have to wait till the layers are set firm.


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