Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where have they gone?

My first experience with Leather Jacket fish was at my mother-in-law's dinning table many years' ago.

I have never eaten such fish before prior to that. Anyway, got so bored with eating the same old few types of fillet so when I saw many aunties buying these from the fishmonger, I couldn't help but pick three fishes home.

I don't know how this fish looks like because somehow the fishmonger always removed their head and skin. Perhaps it is too hideous to be appetising.

Anyway, this fish is easy to eat as the bones are not fine and the flesh is not too tough and have a subtle sweetness to it. My mother-in-law will just simply pan fried this fish but I wanted more taste to it so I turned it into Sweet and Sour Leather Jacket Fish.


After dinner, as I wasn't really satisfied with the outcome of my chocolate moonies (I didn't "compressed" the fillings tightly), so I went for another round. This time, I added pecan nuts to it. Gosh! it tasted so good.

I don't know why I had a balance of dough left so I simply wrapped them in white lotus paste. Well, we still prefers the ones with chocolate. So we had Assorted Moonies. Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone!


What you need for dough

130ml water
70g brown sugar
40g melted bitter couverture chocolate (melted)
10g cocoa powder
10g chocolate emulco
20g shortening
60g kou fen (fried glutinous rice)

Method for skin

Heat water in microwave for about 20 - 30 sec with brown sugar.

Add in melted chocolate, cocoa powder and emulco. Mix well.

Blend shortening and kou fen till well mixed.

Add kou fen mixture into chocolate mixture and knead well. Rest the dough for half hour.

Divide dough into required weight and wrap with filling.

Press into mould and chill a little before serving.

What you need for filling

300g white lotus paste
60g couverture chocolate (melted)
1/2 tsp chocolate emulco
100g toasted pecan nuts

Method for filling

Mix all ingredients together.

Divide into required weight and roll into balls.
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