Sunday, October 15, 2006

missing it all

During our "child free" days, which is a long time ago, we used to dine at our favourite Indonesian restaurant (acutally I am not too sure whether this restaurant still exists), one of the favourite drink from there was Avocado Shake. It was so good that if it is not because of its rich content, I believe I can have two at a go.

Was missing it lately, so grabbed some avocado while during grocery shopping last week. Seems to have waited so long for it to ripe. I am so poor in choosing a good one. Either it is too ripe or it is way to raw.

I just wish that there are some site that teaches us how to choose vegetable and fruits like pumpkin, watermelons etc. Anyway, one of them was perfect but the other one wasn't so good. I think it is still alittle to the raw side. Melted some Gula Melaka (a gift from my Indonesian neighbour). She told me these were homemade and was really aromatic while I was preparing it.

Since I didn't have any vanilla ice cream on hand. I added ice instead. A big mistake! Despite that awesome tasting gula melaka, my Avocado Shake didn't really satisfy my craving. sigh!


What you need:
Serve 4

2-3 avocado, cored and peeled
3 tbsp vanilla ice cream
2 tbsp melted gula melaka.


Blend all the ingredients in a blender and serve chilled.

You can further drizzle melted gula melaka if it is not sweet.
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  1. Edith,

    You can visit this site:

    I like this site since it does contain information about how to choose good fresh fruit and vegies. Just search for avocadoes.

    I like avocado drink as well.... Gotta make some soon since it is in season... :)

  2. Thanks white_poplar for the link. Indeed very useful.


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