Thursday, October 12, 2006

A long time ago

I have known S during those "wow wow" nights. She was introduced to me by a mutual friend and surprisingly both S and I are no longer in contact with. Through years till now, though we have since stopped those unendless of bourbon and vodka days but our friendship didn't end there. In fact, it grow more matured and steadier. We don't have to be in constant contact to know that we can always be there for each other. I won't be able to make it to her b'day this year as I will be busy coaching my son's for this forthcoming exam. Can't bear the guilt of leaving him while me and my friend go for celebration. Anyway, I am sure S will understand and we will make it up another day. Happy Birthday my dear S! Photobucket Photobucket
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  1. these are so beautiful!! waa edith, u must have spend lots of time making these ya? Really pretty,I wont bear to eat them man! :)

  2. Edith can i ask u....For the H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y u cut them out yourself or can I buy a cutter?

  3. wow, Edith, your cupcakes just get prettier and prettier! :)

  4. I really no heart to eat these beauty!!! Edith, you're so artistic!
    (btw, is the first photo rotated to a wrong position? I think I better let you know, just in case)

  5. ahh! pretty cupcakes! i wont bear to eat them... :D

  6. Wow edith! u never fail to amaze me with your perfections.

  7. Thanks everyone for the wonderful encouragement. Definitely will keep me going and improving.

    Gattina, heheheh I took the pix from top to down.

    Gracio, when this is your interest, time isn't a factor. I just wish that I have more tools. Hard to acquire them in singapore. :(

  8. Wow! The flower cupcakes are beautiful. I think S will understand and i think she'll appreciate your cupcakes. If i recieved.. I'll jump for joy.


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