Saturday, October 07, 2006

I just got to do it

I went round searching for mini size removable base tart tins but was utterly disappointed that I couldn't find any. My jar of lemon curd is sitting patiently in the refrigerator. I just have to bake this but how...... A sale person in the baking supplies shop told me to add a piece of foil to the bottom of the tin instead. So here I am, in a hot hot late afternoon, with a sky full of haze, visibility hitting around PSI 130. In between "monitoring" my prince's revision, I was molding my mini tart tin with biscuit crumbs. Hoping that this will work. I have modified the crust a little and sticking to L's wonderful cheese filling topping it off with my lemon curd. Guess, I took longer than expected. Hubby, my princess and our little friends are back home, we need to go out for dinner. The tarts were barely cooled but I have to get them out. I was eager to find out how this taste like and normally I don't get the first bite. Come to think about it, all my bakes, I have never taken the first bite. My testers are usually my kid, hubby and neighbours. This time is no exception, hubby popped one and said hmmm.... nice but our little friend said it is sour. Nevertheless, she was diplomatic enough to finish up. *wink*. Enough said, my verdict is that this Lemon curd tart recipe definitely needs removable base tart tin and the recipe a keeper. So my search of mini tart tin with removable base continues. Photobucket
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  1. Great!! thanx for the tips.. if u find any of the removble base tin let mi know ok =) else i think gotto settle for PH one 1st =(

  2. looks really yummy! u getting better n better liao edith! ;)

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  4. Jo, you are welcome.

    Grace and Angie: Thanks


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