Sunday, October 22, 2006

Finally a nice chap

Finally I was able to buy a really good yam. Thanks to a nice chap who is working in the supermarket. He was really helpful in helping me to choose the BEST yam!!! In the past, whenever I seeked help, none will offer. They either shrugged their shoulder to say they don't know or they will say it is all good. Then I will happily bring one home and discovered it is not that great. I love my yam to be of those flaky texture type. I also hearsay that yam originated from Thailand are the best. Personally, I don't think it is really true all the time. Anyway, I was really happy this time round. Since my mom isn't in town as she has a really good recipe so I adapted this recipe from Jo Deli's. Verdict, my hubby would prefer this with a little bit more salt to this Yam Cake. I will take note of this for my next round of yam cake and hopefully that nice chap will be still around to help me out. *wink* Photobucket
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  1. Hi Edith
    I must say choosing yam is not easy.When I choose one, I just make sure there are no worm holes in them. But how to find those that are purple? And I also noticed that some yams are elongated and some are rounded.I'm also at a lost. Are you able to give me some tips here? I would greatly appreciate it. TIA

  2. Thanks chawanmushi for dropping by. I also don't know how to choose yam. What I saw that nice chap did was to cut off the tip. I forgotten to ask what he was looking for as I was soooo happy that someone was helping me to find the best yam! LOLz


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