Saturday, September 23, 2006


Mooncake festival is just round the corner. Everywhere you can see sales of mooncakes in different varieties and great packagings. The fancier it gets the more expensive it becomes.

For us, we have been having homemade mooncakes for years. My mom and aunt will gathered round to mold these goodies. I am not really a big fan of mooncakes (especially those baked ones) but my son and hubby are. Perhaps it is the sweetness that attracts them.

Anyway, I always plays the supporting role (only watching or something packing) when my family churned out these mooncakes.

This year is quite an experiment for me. I did Snowskin Mooncake with Sakura fillingsall by myself. I didn't take the easy way out of getting those ready mix snowskin flour *wink*.


Thanks Auntyochana for sharing this recipe. hmmm.... after looking at many other's mooncake attempts, I think mine is very flat?

I wonder whether it has to do with the dept of the wooden mold. Should I look out for this the next round of purchase? I learnt that the print must be deeply carved to be able to see the imprint clearly now. A lesson learnt!

What you need for the skin

90g Kou fen - fried glutinous rice flour
10g tang mien flour
30g shortening
1 tbsp fresh milk
180g water
100g sugar

Ingredients (from a packet)

Method for the skin

Boil water and sugar together till sugar dissolves. Chill it.

Mix kao fen, tang mien flour and shortening together by the rubbing-in method and then pour all the cold syrup and knead till you get a soft dough.

Divide dough into small portions and wrap the fillings in.

Mould into mooncake mould.
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  1. hi. they look gorgeous!! what's sakura filling made from? can you share the recipe??

  2. Looks like you managed to complete your agenda for Saturday ya? ;p Nice mooncakes you have there.

  3. Thanks for dropping by HomeMadeS, the sakura fillings are store bought. It is supposedly to be sourplum with lotus paste. I like it coz it is not sweet and has a slight sourness to it.

    Angie, yes I did managed to complete all my task on Sat and Sun. *wink*

  4. The prints on ur mooncakes are pretty clear, nice! My mooncake mould is plastic type, wonder if it matters at all?

  5. Nice mooncakes! How long does the skin stays soft?

  6. Lin, I don't think the mould matters much.

    Ching, this stays soft for a few days if kept in fridge.


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