Friday, July 21, 2006

Light and easy

Though my sister got a 'O' level pass for her cookery but I hardly see her cook even when she got married off.

Come to think about it, both my sisters studied cookery but they don't seems to be interested in being in the kitchen. We hardly get to see home cooked food at my sister's place, it is always take aways.

When we do have home cooked meals, it is always prepared by my brother in law. My conclusion is that I think my brother in law is pretty a good cook.

His dishes are very tasty and it is always very healthy too (less salt, less oil and always have healing properties). There are a few dishes that I really like.

One of them was Steam Tofu with Fish paste. His was really tasty, I figured out that because his fish meat was from a famous stall in Chinatown wherelse mine is just from the Yong Tau Fu stall (wrong choice).

Anyway, mine ain't too bad either but if possible, I will buy my fish paste from Chinatown next time.


What you need:

1/2 kg fish paste
1 pc Tung Yi
steam tofu
2 eggs,
1 egg shell full water,
seasame oil
light sauce


Beat egg, add water and season with sesame oil, light sauce and pepper

Mashed tofu

Add in fish paste (chunky pieces) to tofu. Mixed well.

Add beaten eggs to tofu and mixed well again.

Steam for around 10 mins.

Garnish with spring onions and chillies.
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  1. Do You Normally Not Post Recipe Unless You're Asked Of It?

  2. I wish I could taste some of your tofu with fish paste, look so good! I see... the fish is one of the keys, will bear in mind when I have chance to make this dish.

  3. Anonymous said...
    Do You Normally Not Post Recipe Unless You're Asked Of It?

    4:19 AM

  4. Yes Gattina, I strongly believe the fish paste is the Yum factor here.

    Anonymous, I wish you can identify yourself.

    Currently I am very busy and can only post recipe when I can find moments to do it but sometime it will have to be posted at a later time.

  5. Thank You Very Much. My Name Is Ian. From Indonesia.

  6. HI,

    Sorry to ask... can use Microwave to steam....

    Thank you

  7. Hi Adeline,

    You can if you know how to operate your machine into the steaming mode as for the timing, i think it depends on your model.

  8. Okie. I will try. Thanks for your reply. :)


  9. where to get tung yi steam tofu? how does it looks like? Florence

  10. Hi Florence,

    Tung Yi is the brand of the tofu. It is avail with all brands of tofu in the chiller section. My BIL specific this brand. i dun know why.

  11. Precious moments, thank you so much, will try it out and let you know

  12. Precious moments
    thank you. will look for it and try the recipe

  13. Hi PM

    Thanks for sharing this recipe !! Always on the look out for healthy dishes and I know tofu is good but just nvr really know what to do with it ;).... Doreen

  14. Hi Doreen,

    I will be posting some really healthy dishes soon. In the midst of getting the ingredients together. Do check it out later

  15. Thanks PM...I really look forward to it :) .... just gone through your blog and jotted down some recipes, cant wait to try - Doreen.


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