Friday, June 30, 2006

What a small world

Photobucket We didn't have any wedding celebration in our household for the past 2 years. The last was from my maternal cousin, ZH. Last night, we had another from my paternal cousin, M. On both occassions, we bumped into friends and relatives that are closely knitted to the bridegrooms. During ZH's wedding, we saw my neighbour who happened to be the ZH's paternal cousin. Last night at M's wedding, we bumped into another neighbour's son in law who happened to be M's childhood friend!!! I also have another neighbour who is an aunt to my school mate. Talking about the world getting smaller. So true.
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  1. the world is so small, you are fucking right. so who knows that one day you might meet a friend who's a real buddy to your enemy. and expect the unexpected. maybe some scribblings on your apartment wall, or maybe a pig head? oh, what about some faeces sprinkled all over your doorstep. wouldn't that be cool? hahahhahahahhaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Heard of something called remote surveillance camera? That is a sure way of getting this kinda "friend" into jail if all that happens. Then again, this person probably is not that bright.... Lol~ Pig's head not cheap lehz, can roast~

  3. Yes, how right Joshua, she is really desperate...I dun know why and I think we should report her to all bloggers and invite them here to let them see who they "think" they are supporting and let them ask themselves if they really know her. Do you see a "threat" in this paragraph? Edith, threats can be refered to the police...they will take action for threats!

  4. jas: Yupz, there is definitely threat in there, so maybe Edith can consider making a police report so that this sick person can be apprehended...


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