Thursday, June 22, 2006

A true friendship

When I stopped working 4 years ago, I wasn't prepared for a sudden change in environment. Someone who so used to having constantly surrounded by people, so used to be having free flow of conversation, so used to be as busy as a bee. Suddenly I felt alone to face the world. That was the time when I started exploring the cyberworld. With limited know how, I was lucky to chance upon this forum and got to know Ly. She soon become a friend who will always be there for me when I am feeling down and out. Her kind words of inspirations and supports is fast becoming my pillar of strength. I really count myself lucky to know her and am truly touched by her sincerity. Tomorrow is her birthday and I decided to invite her over for lunch and bake her some cupcakes. We also plan to have a day of fun experimenting sugarcraft. First I got round to baking a Banana Cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream. Didn't do too well with the piping though. Photobucket Next we had our lunch of Mei Chai Rice Cake. A dish that was taught to me by my neighbour. This rice cake is also known as Shanghai Nian Gao. Photobucket Next, I got round to "dressing up" the cupcakes. I added in some pink teddy bear sprinklers that a dear friend, V, mailed to me. And some red hearts to represent my appreciation. We also started on our sugarcraft experiments. I wasn't really in "top form" for this today, so only managed to produce some ladybug. (sad) Ly, on the other hand hasn't much luck too. I suspected that my dough is not "conditioned". My kids on the other hand, had a great time messing it around! Photobucket I am happy that at the end of the day, Ly enjoyed her lunch as well as the cupcakes. Happy Birthday Ly!
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  1. It's always good to have a dear friend near you and able to spend some quality time together. Treasure this friendship :)

  2. Yes, I totally agree with you. Friendship is just as important to me as family.

  3. Cupcakes look AWESOME Edith!!! Could you share the recipe? Thanks very much!

  4. I wish I could find a good friend like what you did. I've just migrated to W.Australia, resigned from fulltime work and now fulltime housewife looking after two active toddler. Still looking for the eluvise friendship....

  5. Amrita, kindly email me your address for the cupcake recipe. thanks.

    Flower, hope you will find a true friend via the cyberworld like me. Email me if you wanted to talk.

  6. Hi Edith :

    I want the recipe too... looks so yummy, especially the creamy cholcate buttercream.

    you may send to my email account :) hope you still keep it


  7. tagged you for Meme: 10 Things I Miss of Mum's Cooking

  8. I know what u mean Edith, I also stopped work 3 years ago since I gave birth to my baby daughter and the toughest thing was to leave my job that I like so much and all my close friends. Well, as the saying goes..leave your hand on the plough and move forward and trust the Lord with all your heart and soul.

  9. Yes, I totally agree with you. Friendship is just as important to me as family.


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