Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Such sweet thoughts

The time has come, though I had some last month, it wasn't enough to stop my craving for more. Was on the phone with my better half and telling him my little encounter with that smell while doing my marketing. Just couldn't locate the source to bring some home. Guess what, he called our regular supplier to reserve some and went out of the way to bring home three packet of lovelies D13. I was on cloud 9. Such sweet thoughts from a very sweet man. Photobucket Lately the weather has become really humid. Coincidentally, I bought a block of Chin Chow for dessert. I really don't know what Chin Chow is made of but all I know is that it has a cooling properties. To end off our feast which was supposed to be "heaty", what better way than to have a bowl of Chin Chow. I like mine with a splash of lemon juice. Photobucket
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