Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Missed it

We were invited by our friend, A, to join her in a swimming session with some kids that she volunteered in one of the homes. I haven't been doing voluntary work since I left my previous job. Though I wanted very much to do it but time just couldn't allow me be committed. So when I heard about this opportunity during the school holiday, I just grabbed it. But the plan for the day didn't turn out the way I planned it. First I was woken up at 6ish by the chirping of a bird. Not that I don't enjoy such nature but at 6ish when I am still in dreamland is a total different ball game!!! I couldn't get back to sleep despite it was raining heavily. What a waste to forsake my warm bed and such nice cosy weather. I went round to prepare for my dinner, knowing that we will be home late. I was hoping that the weather will be better in the later part of the morning. But it didn't. Since it has been some time we last had braised chicken with onions so I set about preparing the dish when I realised that I ran out of small onions!!! darn!!!!!! I replaced it with big onions and hoping that the taste will turn out the same as how my mom prepared it. Next came the phone call to announce that the plan has been cancelled due to the poor weather. By this time, my kids already woken up. My little princess even changed into her swimming suit, ready to go. Looking at the two small eager faces turned to sadness when I told them about the change. I called my girlfriend and she invited us over to play with her kids and have lunch there instead. Thank C, you actually save the day! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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  1. Nice music in your blog! Glad that the 2 kids had fun even though the planned outing was cancelled. Pls send my hugs & kisses to them. :)


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