Thursday, June 29, 2006

Meme: 10 Things that I Miss of Mum's Cooking

Thanks Jingle for tagging me to write 10 dishes that I missed of my mum's cooking. To all, mom's cooking is always the best and that is how I feel about my mom's cooking too. I remembered when I was young, she is always learning new bakes and dishes to satisfy our cravings. She will single handedly prepare a birthday bash for us. As much as I now wanted to follow her footstep, I can tell you I have a long long way to go. Since the day I have been "married off", my time spent in mom's place eating has gone lesser and lesser. Partly due to old age, she is no longer as active as before. So off hand, I can only think of a few in order of my most craved for: 1. Brewed soups: Because of our origin, my mom brews really good soups. According to her, each has their own healing properties. In fact, she even got my dad to take pictures of each soup with all ingredients listed so that my domestic helper can prepare for us. I still keep that booklet till now. Though I tried hard to follow the instruction, my results are never consistent. The FULL Bodied taste is what we called enough "fire" to it. The list of my mom's best soups be it clear or herbal goes on and on. This is the ONLY item that my mom STILL prepare without fail whenever we are home for meals as she feels that no meals should go without soup. 2. Braised mushrooms: Juicy, smooth, yet tender and deliciously flavoured. I love it so much that sometime I wish my mom can cook this often. Right after my sister in law got a taste of this, she never forgets. She actually asked my mom for the recipe and was trying to master this dish before they leave town. Eventually, we think we know her secret trick to this dish.*wink* 3. Braised chicken with shallots: I don't know why hers is always so fragrant and delicious. The flavour is so intense and it goes so well with white rice. Thinking about it makes me drool. I have yet to get the exact same taste as hers. 4. Drunken chicken: I noticed that my mom only prepared this during special occasion. Don't ask me why, perhaps you don't need it to be pipping hot to eat it. The wine deeply infused into the tender meat is to die for. 5. Fried fish: It is such a simple dish right? But I can tell you that the way my mom did it is sooooo good. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. In fact, my kids enjoy eating fried fishes in granny's place so much that they will ask for it when there isn't any on the table. 6. 123 spare ribs: Ain't tough and yet it is so tender to bites. My hubby love these. I am glad that I am close to replicating the same too except I don't know why hers is so nicely "coloured". 7. Radish cake: This one is really her signature dish. A never failed snack on our Lunar New Year goodies. 8. Century Egg with Pork Porridge: I don't know how come mom's porridge is ever so perfect. The grains are broken up so nicely and smooth. And best of all, it NEVER burns!!! She doesn't have to keep checking and checking like what I am doing. My kids got so used to the type my mom prepared that once we had teochew porridge and my son blurted out that "hey, this is not porridge. It is rice with water!". I was flushed because it is an insult to his roots. Pardon to all Teochew out there, this is just a kid's innocence, please excuse us. 9. Braised beef: This dish is like a cold cut. A big slab of beef braised and cooled. Cut thinly and served with sauce. I love this but I hardly see this dish on the table anymore. Perhaps age is catching on her and she finds it a bother to cook this. Maybe next visit, I will ask her for the recipe. 10. Lo Han Chay. This is another no failed dish during Lunar New Year. I have tried many version but still, I find mom's is far better. I am tagging: Lily's Wai Sek Hong as she is a great cook and I am curious what she has learnt from her mommy too.
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