Friday, June 30, 2006


Remember that I was telling you about my durian craving? So happened my hubby received an email showing different types of durian available in the region and resulted in this email from Pat, a dear friend of our. He wrote so beautifully that I wanted to share it with you all. Hope you enjoyed it as much we do. ***** My durian binges have started and it is restricted to D13 taken in Spore and a selection from Muar. A memorable experience was to the chance to taste D24, D99, and XO all in one sitting last year. It was like tasting good wine. But what you have on record is really impressive and if someone would start a reference manual for the durian aficianodos, I am sure it will fly. Imagine a romantic romp exploring the various durianeries, tasting and savouring the subtle differences of sweet, bitter, sour, tangy tastes accompanied by the full or light textures of the fruit from the different regions in Malaysia. Imagine the chance to see farmers and their families stomping on the creamy flesh to make durian wine and the chance to see them extrude the gooey product into delicious durian cake. Imagine after each binge the warmth that courses through one's person launching one into heights of passion and sexual needs. ****
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