Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I have been having this bad cough for nearly two weeks. Started with a sore throat and then progress to a cough and cold. I hated sore throat, it sucks and worst, it seems like a flu but then it is not full blown!!!! I am left hanging .... feel so restless. Then again, I have been thinking about trying out this dish that my neighbour taught me .... ahhhhh, what the heck! just do it. Who cares about sore throat or bad cough. So here is my Spicy Prawns. Photobucket Verdict: hubby gave a thumb up.
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  1. Sending you lots of quick healing vibes!!! Take care and rest, rest, rest!!!

  2. Looks yummy! I love any prawn dishes too, esp spicy ones, drooling over the pic :P

  3. sounds like "Yee Toke Kong Tok" Using Poison as an antidote for ur sore throat.

  4. Mike, I thought this method works!!! but it got backfired. LOL


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