Saturday, April 29, 2006

A very nice gift

Eversince my dear friend, Lynn, knows about my new love interest. She has been constantly encouraging me to pursue further. Last month, she got a nice bonus from her boss and she rang me up, to not only shared with me the good news but she also wanted to get me the stuff that I was eyeing on. By chance her SIL was coming back from the States and tada.... see what was my windfall!!! This is even better than striking the lottery. Thanks Lynn for your generousity! you definitely make my day. Photobucket
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  1. Wah...those gifts look so nice! Lucky! ^_^ Since I live in Canada, I wouldn't know, but I have always thought Asian countries like Singapore would have a lot of those baking supplies for cheaper prices than the USA?

  2. some stuff are indeed cheaper but of either lower quality or fewer or limited varieties. so it is always nice to shop for "special" stuff overseas.

  3. Edith..

    Hope you enjoy you new toys..hehe


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